Nutrition Works Testimonials

Read what NutritionWorks New Zealand previous clients think about us, our services and the experiences they have had working with us.  

“I had been suffering with gut troubles since a bad bout of food poisoning 3 years ago. I had tried all sorts of treatments before seeing Nicky. With her advice there was such an amazing difference, it’s incredible. Thank you Nicky.”


“My physio told me I needed to lose weight while training for mountain bike race. In January I was 97.5kg and I wanted to make it to 87kg before the race in April. Nicky told me what I needed to eat and what to cut out so that I still had enough energy for my training but lost the weight I wanted to. She also calculated what I needed during the race and helped me trial these snacks during training. I made it to 87kg a week before race day and happily completed the race. I think Nicky‚Äôs great and would highly recommend her to other people needing a nutritionist”


“Big thanks to Nicky at Nutrition Works in Wanaka for helping me with my diet the last few months. It is amazing how much better to feel eating the right food. Well worth the effort!”  Carey Vivian, who mountainbiked the length of NZ to raise funds and awareness of Motor Neurone Disease


“I felt like I was in a rut and Nicky gave me all the tools I needed to finally make the step towards my (weight loss) goals.  Have recommended her to friends and family who have been equally happy”

“I went to have my 3 monthly appointment at the doctor about 3 weeks ago and my cholesterol has dropped significantly, it was down to 4.4 from about 6. The diet changes you suggested are easy to stick to as I don’t feel hungry through out the day, I’m losing a bit of weight as well.”