The Best Weight Loss Diet

We all know people who have had miraculous transformations on weight loss diets.  But the thing is… they all seem to have done something different!  12 week challenges, Weightwatchers, cabbage soup, juice only fasts, low carb, blood type, healthy eating, shakes & bars… the list goes on and on – and on!

Actually many research studies which have randomly assigned people onto different weight loss plans have repeatedly shown that people will lose weight on any plan – as long as they can stick to it.  So the take home message is that diets do work if you find one that works for you.  But do you really want to be following diet rules for the rest of your life?  And shouldn’t health be an important part of guiding our food choices?  Surely we should question highly restrictive diets that cut out nutritious foods, even if we can lose weight on them.

The best weight loss diet is actually one that is tailored to you – to your food preferences, intolerances, budget and lifestyle.  And that’s quite possibly not the same as the best diet for your neighbour or friend.  If you’re interested in having a weight loss plan tailored to you, get in touch